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Why Choose a Second-Hand Commercial Truck?

The Bargain of the Second-Hand Commercial Vehicle Market

There are several interesting good deals to be found in the car industry. However, you must know how to shop and get the right information about your future vehicle. At Club Auto Escompte in Mascouche, near Terrebonne and Laval, and just minutes away from Montreal, we have the right answers for you. Why? Because our experts in cars and commercial trucks for sale are seasoned and incredibly knowledgeable about their job.

Our reputation was built over many years. It precedes us in a way. Our vast inventory is impressive and all our vehicles are meticulously inspected before every single test drive. Why would you choose a second-hand commercial truck? This question deserves a special attention and a careful consideration.

A Used Commercial Truck: Why Not!

Whether you are just starting your company or your business is already growing, the idea of buying a second-hand commercial truck must cross your mind. Indeed, there are second-hand car dealers who specialize in selling commercial trucks. These are experts who want to take you further, save you money and keep your business moving forward.

If we’re being honest, the price is still, for most of us, the most important factor. At Club Auto Escompte, we know that this element is very important and we take it into account. If the price is a fundamental element for your business, buying your next commercial truck may well lead you to choose a superior model compared to what you would have picked if you had to pay the full price. That’s will make some jealous among your partners and your competitors!

Our team is dedicated to the financing of these vehicles and will let you know about all the options available to you. Since we do business with several financial institutions, we are committed to offering you the best rate, no matter what your current situation is. We will assess your needs and make sure you leave with a smile on your face thanks to our sound advices.

But the price is not the only factor that one has to weigh in. The number of second-hand commercial vehicles offered by your dealer is also an element that will reassure you in some way about its credibility.

At Club Auto Escompte in Mascouche, near Terrebonne, we have an extensive inventory of commercial trucks for sale. Whether you’re looking for the Ram Cargo Van ready to work, the Ford E-250 Extended and 350 Super Reinforced, the Chevrolet Express City Cargo, the Ford Transit and Transit Connect, the GMC Cube, through the GM Savana 4500 van, etc. Club Auto Escompte has a commercial vehicle for you.

Another factor to consider when choosing a second-hand commercial truck is the idea that a new truck quickly loses 20% of its value, within the first few kilometers of the first year. By looking into second-hand vehicles, you will optimize the profitability of your purchase.

Reliability and Longevity

Moreover - and our experts will tell you - in recent years, the quality of vehicles manufactured has improved dramatically. Nowadays, a 7 or 8 years old commercial truck, with more than 150 000 km on the clock is no longer near the end of its life and can still be used for many years.

Buying a second-had commercial truck with a high mileage is a good option, nowadays, to own a reliable vehicle on which you will save several hundred dollars at the time of your purchase.

In addition, the models we have in stock are all certified models that went through a long inspection. Our technicians keep updating their training in order to keep their knowledge on all the components of our vehicles fresh and relevant. Ford and GM commercial trucks also have good resale value since they are reliable trucks. Also, high mileage has less impact on the value of trucks and vehicles equipped with a diesel engine.

Finally, when we talk about reliability at Club Auto Escompte, it's because all our vehicles are Carfax Canada certified. As a future buyer, you will know the history of your next trucks or used cars. You will also be able to check that the vehicle is fully paid for and has undergone a detailed inspection by us. In this regard, you will be able to ask questions about the interview and talk to our experts on the spot.

In short, at Club Auto Escompte, we will welcome you with all the necessary attention. We will invite you to take a test drive and to tell you about the strengths and weaknesses of your desired model.

At Club Auto Escompte we give you more for the purchase of your truck, visit us in Mascouche near Laval and Terrebonne

In short, we offer you a personalized service. Our team of on-site representatives, our easy financing, our vast inventory of used vehicles and Terrebonne second-hand cars are our best assets to serve you well. Club Auto Escompte in Mascouche, near Terrebonne and Laval and just minutes away from Montreal, will provide you with an extraordinary experience. You will leave with a second-hand vehicle that will allow you to go further and grow your business. Come for a test drive today. We are waiting for you!


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