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Come try the Gmc Savana at Club Auto Discount in Mascouche, the most versatile and functional vehicle on the market!

The GMC Savana: A Versatile and Functional Vehicle

This full-size van is undoubtedly one of the most functional and versatile vehicles on the roads of Quebec, Canada and the United States right now. It offers you the conveniences and performance you’re entitled to while working with a truck. It’s a robust vehicle that has proven itself year after year.
At Club Auto Escompte in Mascouche, near Saint-Jérôme and just minutes away from Laval and Montreal, we specialize in second-hand vehicles for a commercial use. We know this model inside out, and we have a GMC Savana for you.

What you need to know

In this range of vans, the longer models 2500 and 3500 remain the most popular for self-employed, SMEs and larger companies. But that's not all, large families, community organizations and professionals who want to carry a large number of passengers (up to 15 people) also opt for the 2500 and 3500 models.
They are sturdy, versatile and can tow large loads of up to 3,500 pounds. These are commercial vehicles with robust pickup mechanisms and a foolproof body.
The Savana 2500 can count on a standard 4.8-liter, V8 engine with 285 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque. A 6.0-liter, V8 engine producing 329 horsepower and 373 lb-ft of torque is also available, as well as a variant of this last engine powered by CNG, which produces 282 horsepower and 320 lb-ft. These three options give this vehicle a great traction power, and all are paired with a six-speed automatic transmission. The Savana 3500 Series is only available with a 6.6 liter turbocharged diesel V8 engine generating 260 horsepower and 525 lb-ft of torque. It is this engine that is the most economical in terms of fuel consumption. You should also know that the Savana 3500 can tow a maximum load of 10,000 pounds.
These work vans are available with several roof height configurations, allowing you to create interior designs that are more suited to your type of work. They also offer a superior road handling.
The full-size Savana is usually available in two versions: LS and LT. While the LT version has more features than the LS version, both have considerable wheelbases (135 inches and 155 inches) and offer you impressive loads.
Inside the vehicle, you have easy access controls as well as safety features. Since the transportation of passengers and equipment is the main focus of the 2500 and 3500 versions, amenities are at the rendezvous. Thus, the seats are comfortable, including the often neglected rear seats. You can also build this van as you see fit for your business.
In short, there are Savana 2500 and 3500 standard, arranged or full length. The version you choose will depend on your needs and the type of business you do and the size of the vehicle required.
Have more for your money with the team of Club Auto Escompte in Mascouche near Terrebonne

A Savana for you

At Club Auto Escompte, we have been specialized in second hand commercial vehicles for many years. We are thoroughly familiar with our products and pay close attention to the choice of models we sell.
For several years, we have known that the GMC Savana are vans with reasonable, efficient and versatile measures. We have become specialists in this model of van, because the 2500 and 3500 are plenty on the roads of Quebec and Canada. As they are robust commercial vehicles and utility vehicles with good towing capacity, when we place this vehicle side by side with its competition, the Savana comes first in its class.
At Club Auto Escompte in Mascouche, we have an impressive inventory of Savana 2500 and 3500. Currently, we have nearly 20 vehicles of this model waiting for you. We have 2017 models, but also 2014 and 2015 and even 2008, all certified and inspected. Moreover, our models have very little mileage, because what you need to know about Savana is that they’re tough vehicles.
Club Auto Escompte specialists are committed to your success in business. Because we want to be a part of your success, we provide you with unparalleled service, sound advices, and financing tools so beneficial that you'll leave with your van instantly.
Come visit us now in Mascouche, near St-Jérôme and just minutes away from Laval and Montreal. Our reputation and years of experience in second hand vehicles are our guarantee of success. Come try out your next GMC Savana 2500 or 3500 today. We are waiting for you.

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