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A life insurance for self-employed: a must! Learn more at Club Auto Discount in Mascouche.


Life insurance for self-employed people constitutes an excellent protection for you and your family. Even though this situation is not desirable, how would your family manage financially if you suddenly died?


Club Auto Escompte on the North Shore of Montreal, in Mascouche near Terrebonne and Laval, is interested about this subject, since many of its clients want to contract this type of insurance policy when the time comes to purchase a pre-owned vehicle for example. By the way, there are plenty of self-employed people who care about the well-being of their families and wish to be better informed about this type of insurance.


Why a Life Insurance?


First of all, it would perhaps be important to think about the people that depend on us and, as a self-employed person, you do not have minimal coverage or a security net, so you are left on your own, even if the worst would happen for you and your family.


Insurance companies and insurance plans in effect now allow you to subscribe to a life insurance to protect the people that depend on you.


There currently exists two types of insurances for self-employed people, which are the temporary life insurance and the permanent life insurance. The first one offers very affordable premiums and loads of flexibility. However, its main inconvenient is that it doesn’t offer additional rebuy value in the event of a withdrawal but, because it offers flexibility, it is renewable every ten years. When you are accepted, your premiums will be frozen for this whole period and until the age of 85, many insurance companies will allow you to renew your insurance policy without having to fill out a medical questionnaire. As a self-employed person, such policies will allow you to have peace of mind by also knowing that you are protecting your loved ones. The second provides a financial protection for life, but monthly premiums will be higher.


By the way, if the self-employed life insurance allows you to prepare for unexpected life events, know that you can also subscribe to a tax deductible health insurance if you get sick or in case of an accident, thus ensuring you with an income replacement during the workless weeks.


In short, there are different types of insurances for self-employed people. Whether you’re considering a temporary or permanent life insurance or an income insurance in case of an accident or sickness, it matters to properly inform yourself about the arrangements included in your insurance contract and to ask all the questions to your agent. Do not skimp on the requests of information complements about your life, health or disability insurance and ensure yourself maximal and advantageous coverage. 


To learn more about life insurance, click here or visit us at Club Auto Escompte in Mascouche


Club Auto Escompte Informs You!


Loyal to its policy about meeting the needs of its clientele, Club Auto Escompte in Mascouche on the North Shore of Montreal is not only the dealership by excellence for pre-owned vehicles on the North Shore and everywhere in Quebec, it’s also an attentive advisor who takes interest in its clientele.


Making an effort to meet the needs of the self-employed people that must worry about numerous details, Club Auto Escompte has the firm conviction of a responsibility towards its clientele and the self-employed people who come to us also know that we will be there to guide them in their different choices.


On a final note, good protections ensure you peace of mind and show that your responsibility also extends to your loved ones. By preparing to any eventuality, you can better attend to your daily activities with peace of mind and focus on what really matters, which is what you do best for your clients and your loved ones. Fully live the present moment in all tranquility by subscribing to a self-employed life insurance. An additional guarantee for you as well as for those who share your life. Club Auto Escompte is your business partner in Mascouche, near Terrebonne and Laval, hardly a few minutes away from Montreal.

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