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First of all, we are often told of extended warranties when we decide to buy a new vehicle. Some say it's not worth it because it always costs more to adhere to such a guarantee anyway.

Garantie Nationale is often cited as an example to demonstrate the effectiveness of its programs and the benefits of an extended warranty, regardless of whether you decide to buy a new or used car.

Club Auto Escompte in Mascouche, near Terrebonne, St-Jérôme and Laval on Montreal's North Shore, specializes not only in the sale of used vehicles, but also in extended warranties.

How do I Recognize a Good Extended Warranty?

First of all, it should be noted that if you are not covered by a warranty, at the time of a breakdown, an accident or major repairs, you should think about rummaging through your wallet. The average hourly rate for garage owners is of $78/h, parts that concern the engine can cost you a few thousand dollars, and repairs to electronics are not given either.

Therefore, it would be wiser to accept an extended warranty when buying your next used vehicle for a few dollars more on your monthly payments and have peace of mind. But beware! Here as elsewhere, there are many catches. When you decide to join an extended warranty program, don't hesitate to ask the right questions, read the documentation and get informed.

Usually, an effective extended warranty will be the one that will cover your travels not only in Quebec, but also in Canada and the United States. Then, this warranty must be transferable to the next owner when your vehicle is resold. It is convenient to get this warranty since you will obtain a better resale value for your vehicle. It is also important to ensure that this protection provides 24/7 assistance in the event of a breakdown or emergency. The roadside assistance program must be large enough to cover the cost of towing, unlocking doors, delivering gasoline, etc.

More important is the coverage of this extended warranty. You are advised to ensure that the following components are covered: engine (petrol and diesel), transmission, all-wheel drive, differential (front and rear), seals, rings and liquids, towing, replacement vehicle, cooling system, electronic injection system, traction, wheel bearing, steering, electricity (alternator and others), electronic ignition, air conditioning, ABS brakes and brakes, cooling system, front and back suspension, and much more...

In short, if it is important and even necessary to adhere to an extended warranty program to avoid paying large sums of money in the event of a break on your vehicle, it is equally important to ask the right questions and to inquire about the modalities of your extended warranty coverage.

Find out how you can get more for your money by contacting the Club Auto Escompte team in Mascouche

Club Auto Escompte Gives You Peace of Mind

Club Auto Escompte in Mascouche near Terrebonne, St-Jérôme and Laval on the North Shore specializes in extended warranty programs, warrantees that go beyond the maker or the manufacturer's ones. They advise you and give you the right information. Come by today to discover the full range of used vehicles and talk about Garantie Nationale.

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